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People Talking about Quack

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This special song is only available on February 11th each year.

“You know you’re one of my best friends, right Roo?” 🦆⁠

Andy, or Quack, was a great friend; we had a lot in common that i didn’t with others.⁠

he was paranoid: he would vanish for months at a time and reappear with a vague new name, laughing hysterically about it, like nothing had happened. every time i got worried, but he always came back. i used to tell him he was the man who couldn’t disappear enough.⁠

but then, he didn’t. a year passed. ⁠

sometimes he’d get really high and ask me like 10 times if anyone had mentioned him anywhere, in any conversation, like some discord server that neither of us had been in for 6 months.⁠

“quack, i promise: everybody’s way more worried about themselves than they ever will be about you.”⁠

despite that, he was a great conversationist, and i felt so much better about everything whenever he’d call me out of nowhere and we’d talk for 2 hours.⁠

i had asked him, back when Nux died, what his real name was just in case something had ever happened. then i could at least not spend the rest of my life wondering. he just made a joke about it because he didnt wanna tell me. ⁠

when he didn’t come back for about 3 months, i thought maybe he had decided he didn’t need us and the internet anymore, and that would’ve been okay.⁠

a few years ago, i was doing a musical experiment one day and i needed to sing something, so i just made up these lyrics and this song. i showed it to him and he laughed for 10 minutes and then said, “okay, but don’t show this to anyone else, Roo.” 😹⁠

Rest in peace Andy “Quack” Thomas⁠