In your neighborhood, your friends are dropping dead from Fentanyl-cut prescription pills; in the next neighborhood over, and in the most desperate or self-destructive reaches of the internet, people are walking 3 miles to the dollar store in the middle of the night to buy a bottle of off-brand Benadryl and then spend the night tripping on it. 

It’s not really accurate to say that they “get high” on Benadryl; what does a Benadryl trip feel like? Like a 4-hour panic attack plus hallucinations of spiders.

Dedicated to ******, who used to take dxm and dph together in the hopes of intentionally giving himself brain damage with the neurotoxicity.


I just got benadrylled

Looks like Contra in these halls, shit’s going AWOL; 8ball
“Outook Hazy” on these pinks,
PA yells “Mayday, mayday!”

I dont wanna feel good im mad
gotta get in my head and then
Bust more than Megaman
Rush more than presidents~

no karma left forget it
place bets or dont. hedge it.
clipdumps aint cheap – you rent ’em

I think my brain’s asleep, so
Hopefully my fingers work though
Got you a ticket
gonna catch you front row

So many fans
Can’t even think about it
Get a little r-robotic
Hit me with that neurotoxic

I just got Benadrylled
Load it up and let’s play this game
I’m getting worried that we might not make it back again

I walk through walls, fucking invincible
I can’t hear you, CHS

lets get this legacy i dont need a stream
dont wanna feel good im sad — lock and load get over it

dont feel good, beg
cant feel my legs
snapchat, gotchu in the back ;]